Where the sea breeze welcomes you and leads you to your favorite place under the sun, the birds sing with you and the Mediterranean offers you its spectacle of colors and movements, while you savor original delicacies. To imagine it is easy, to live it even more: this place is Mhares.

Our menu
Cuisine elaborated from products selected with special attention, to offer the diner a memorable experience. A wide range of sensations in each culinary creation prepared by our chef. Complete this experience by reserving one of our hammocks or Balinese beds to enjoy our pool.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

A pleasure for every moment you enjoy at Mhares to start the day with breakfast, enjoy a refreshing drink in the pool area mid-morning or your favorite cava in the afternoon.

Experience those magical moments that sunsets offer us, accompanied by a snack, glass of wine or cocktail, prepared with the creativity that the occasion deserves. All these moments are part of a special experience

You choose Mhares

You choose what makes you feel good, the company you most identify with and the place where you are most pampered.

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